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Welcome to the website of the mini golf course manufacturer.

Minigolf - our offer:

  • Consulting in the planning and selection of a minigolf course, CAD design of the layout of minigolf courses.
  • Production and construction of a wide range of minigolf courses - Minigolf, Felt golf, Adveturegolf, Pit-Pat, Garden minigolf, competition and recreational versions.
  • Complete service for mini golf courses - spare parts, mini golf obstacles, equipment for the game, repairs and maintenance of mini golf courses.
  • An individual approach to the construction of each mini golf course, customization of mini golf lanes in their dimensions, shape, color design to customer requirements

Minigolf parts and obstacles
Minigolf parts and obstacles

About us - Czech minigolf s.r.o.

We are a small company that is engaged in the design, production, construction and maintenance of mini golf courses, where a great emphasis is placed on individual approach and high quality solutions.
We have produced mini golf courses since 1995.
We try to improve and innovate these systems so that they provide players with the greatest possible enjoyment of the game and the operators of minigolf courses with the least possible worries about maintenance and operation.
Our aim is to be your partner not only for the planning and construction phase, but also for the entire operation of the mini golf course.
Our company is located in Central Europe in the Czech Republic and our production takes place entirely there.
The materials, that are used in production, have their origin in the EU, and their quality and safety is possible to prove by the relevant certificates.

About the game minigolf:

Minigolf is a reduced version of golf.
Its history is dated to the beginning of the last century, as well as a training supplement to golf, which is played on special courses that are built for this purpose.
The aim of the game is to hit the target hole with as few strokes as possible.
A player usually uses one minigolf club and various minigolf balls that have different rebound, surface, weight... and are used depending on the type of playing surface of the course, which can be made of concrete, artificial grass, felt carpet, cement-fibre boards, the type of obstacles and also the weather.
Minigolf is not only a sport where various handicaps are erased during the game, which would represent huge difference in other sports, but also entertainment where groups of people of all age are able to enjoy the game at the same time, where the emphasis is not so much on physical condition but the ability to concentrate as much as possible on the game, where the joy of spending time together comes at the end of the game.
Minigolf is an interesting addition to sport sites, swimming pools, hotels, campsites, boarding houses, schools and private gardens.
You will find in our offer both courses designed for professional sport use manufactured according to the standards of the WMF (World Minigolf Federation), which can be certified by this organization, as well as a wide range of courses designed for recreational purposes.

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