Miniature golf lanes


  • Minigolf tournament
  • XL grass minigolf

Minigolf tournament golf and Grass minigolf XL lanes have the same size, shape and obstacles.
The difference  between them is in the playing surface which is made of  fiber-cement boards for Minigolf tournament or artificial grass golf carpet for Minigolf grass XL.

All minigolf lanes except for number 2. Jump with net, 3. Plateau, 8. Angle, 10. Middle hill and 13. Lightning are the same size and shape.
A mirror version of the shape is possible for lanes 8. angle  and 13. Lightning.
There are two possible version of lanes 1. Pyramids, 2. Jump with net and 10. Middle hill.
The mini golf lanes can be arranged in any order from 1 to 18.
A tournament Minigolf course must have 18 lanes.

We produce these 28 minigolf lanes:

Every playing and repositioning line is marked (a part from Grass minigolf).
The lanes are numbered.
Minigolf lanes can be supplemented with tees that are made of stainless steel, which protect the courses from their excessive wear.
The playing surface that is  made of fibre cement boards (mostly 3 pieces) is gray and can be painted in different colors.
The artificial grass golf carpet is available in green or alternatively in blue colour.
Mini golf obstacles can be different colors.

We offer free drafting of a simple 2D layout of minigolf lanes for easier planning.

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